Insecticides DDVP 97%TC 50%EC,77.5%EC=1000glEC CAS 200-547-7

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Insecticides DDVP04



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Function: Insecticide

Specification: 100% TC, 98% EC, 80% EC, 70%EC

CAS: 200-547-7

High effective agrochemical


Oral:Acute oral LD50 for rats c.50 mg/kg.
Skin and eye:Acute percutaneous LD50 for rats c. 90 mg/kg.
Slight skin and eye irritant (rabbits).
Inhalation:LC50 (4 h) for rats 230 mg/m3.
NOEL:(2 y) for rats 10 mg/kg diet.
Toxicity class:WHO (a.i.) Ib; EPA (formulation) I
ADI:(JMPR) 0.004 mg/kg b.w. [1993].
EC classification:T+; R26|T; R24/25; R43| N; R50





DDVP is a kind of medium toxic pesticide, it has the actions of fumigaton and cntact poisoning, it exhibits good effects in controlling chewing and sucding pests. DDVP's vapour pressure is higher, resulting in a mighty smashing force on pests. It is liable to decompose after being applied, and its residual poisonous duration is shorter. This product is suitable for controlling varieties of pests on cotton, fruit tress, economic forest, vegetables, xugar cane, tobacco, tea plant and timber forest; it also exhibits a good effect in controlling mosquitoes, flies, warehouse pests, rice weevils, octomatids, etc.


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