Insecticide Beta-cypermethrin 5%EC 95%TC 10%SC 5%WP 4.5% ME CAS 67375-30-8

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Product name Beta-Cypermethrin
Biochemistry Acts on the nervous system of insects, disturbs the function of neurons by interaction with the sodium channel
Mode of action  

Non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action.

Pest Control Cypermethrin is added to many commercially available pest control substances including Raid, Ammo and Demon. It is most commonly used to control pests, primarily moths, known to attack fruit, vegetable and cotton plants.
Spot Treatment Insecticides containing cypermethrin are also used for spot treatment of insects in areas that are cracked or contain crevices that are difficult to reach. Applications are in commercial and industrial buildings, such as warehouses, and transportation vehicles like aircraft and buses.
Barrier Treatment Because of its minimal environmental impact and effectiveness for prevention, cypermethrin is also commonly used as a barrier treatment in hospitals, schools and non-food areas of restaurants.


Formula: Object: Insect: Dosage:
Beta-cypermethrin 5%WP Health insecticide Mosquito FlyCockroach 30-50mg/m2/Residual spray
Beta-cypermethrin 10%EC Cabbage Caterpillar 7.5-15g/hectare/spraying
Beta-cypermethrin10%EC Apple tree Carposina nipponensis 25-33mg/kg/broadcast
Beta-cypermethrin4.5%EC Cruciferous vegetable plutella xylostella 9-25.5g/hectare/spraying
Beta-cypermethrin4.5%EC Cotton Bollworm 15-30g/hectare/spraying

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