Fungicide Tricyclazole 40%SC,75%WP,75%DF CAS 41814-78-2

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Tricyclazole is a special fungicide for controlling rice blast, belonging to thiazoles. The mechanism of bactericidal action is mainly to inhibit the formation of attached melanin, thereby inhibiting spore germination and adhesion sporulation, preventing pathogen invasion and reducing the production of rice blast fungus spores.

Classification Fungicide
Other Names tricyclazole
EINECS No  255-559-5
State Powder
CAS No 41814-78-2
Place of Origin Henan, China (Mainland)
Purity 98% TC, 40%SC, 75%WP/DF
Appearance White or Light Beige Crystal
Boiling Point (C) 501.1



Tricyclazole has strong systemic properties and can be quickly absorbed by rice roots and leaves and transported to various parts of rice plants. Generally, the absorbed amount of rice plants can reach saturation 2 hours after spraying. The product has 75% wettable powders.
Tricyclazole is mainly used for prevention and protection, and it is best used before the onset. The specific operation by spraying method is: prevention and control of nursery, 50-75 grams of 20% wettable powder in the seedlings 3-4 leaf stage or 5 days before transplanting, spray on water; control leafhopper and ear neck, In the early onset of Astragalus membranaceus or from the end of the booting stage to the beginning of the earing stage, the water is sprayed with water of 75-100 g of 20% wettable powder; when the panicle neck is severe, the application is repeated once every 10-14 days.
The effect of tricyclazole leaching on leaf mites is better than that before sputum extraction. The specific method is: 20% tricycloazole wettable powder 750 times liquid in a bucket, or a shallow pit in the field, padded with plastic The film is filled with the liquid medicine, and the picked up seedlings are bundled into a handle, and the water is immersed in the liquid to be immersed for about 1 minute, and then piled up for 0.5 hours.

1. Control of rice leafhoppers In the 3-4 leaf stage of the seedlings, 50-75 grams of WP can be used per acre, 40-50 kg of water, and sprayed regularly. Or soak seeds with 0.1% active ingredient for 48 hours and then germination for seed dressing.
2, prevention and control of rice panicle stalks At the end of the rice booting stage or the beginning of the break, spray evenly with 20% wettable powder 75-100 grams.
1. Soaking seeds or seed dressing slightly inhibits the sprouts but does not affect the later growth.
2, when controlling the stem and stalk, the first medication must be before heading.
3, do not mix with seeds, feed, food, etc., poisoning with water to rinse or induce vomiting, there is no specific antidote.
4, there is a certain fish toxicity, pay attention to safety near the pond.

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